Our Ice Cream Kitchen

Our Ice Cream Kitchen is where it all happens

With state of the art machinery and over 60 years of combined experience in ice cream making, our Norwich ice cream kitchen produces over 100,000 litres of ice cream and sorbets each year.

How did it all begin?

We started making our own ice creams and sorbets back in the 1980’s when we discovered a huge gap in the market for locally made real fruit ice creams. Gradually we started to build our expertise to create the beautiful recipes we have today.

Making our Norfolk Rhubarb Sorbet. Rhubarb is just one of our many locally sourced Norfolk fruit flavours.

And it’s not just ice cream that’s being made here on site

We create the delicious inclusions that go into our ice creams, including chocolate brownies, fudge, pastries, caramels, cakes and crumbles. This means we can ensure each component part of our ice creams and sorbets are freshly made to the highest standard, with no absolutely no hidden nasties.

Delicious honeycomb ice cream, we make our own cinder toffee before adding it to our famous Norfolk Ice Cream.

Making our chocolate fudge brownie ice cream. This flavour is seriously good. See the process from start to finish.

Recipes tailored to your needs

If you are a chef or caterer with a particular ingredient or recipe in mind, trust the expert team at Ronaldo Ices to produce it for you. We have created a number of exotic and unusual ices over the years for some of the region’s top restaurants. Recipes can be developed in house or made to your own specification.

Eton Mess is created using a layering technique straight from the ice cream machine and it’s a two person job! Here we are layering sweet meringue with Norfolk ice cream with a strawberry ripple.

Standards you can trust – Our ice cream factory is  SALSA accredited & awarded a 5* from Norfolk Environmental Health.

SALSA approved ice cream kitchen