Our Story

ice cream barrow london street Norwich 1983

Our story begins back in 1983, with an old Victorian-style ice cream barrow, shop bought ice cream and a love of great street food. What started as simple street trading soon became a true passion, and as appetites for a cool, refreshing ice cream on the streets of Norwich continued to grow, so did the dream of offering a truly luxury ice cream, made with real, natural, locally sourced ingredients.

Soon that dream had become a reality, and we were making our own, made with local fruit, milk and cream, from our factory on Lothian Street which still operates today.

Since then we have continued to strive to make the best quality luxury ice cream and sorbet, packed with fresh, local

ingredients and absolutely nothing artificial. Today, our flavour list stands at over 200 recipes and counting, and our ice-cream and sorbet is served at some of the best restaurants and events in the county.

The Campaign to Protect Rural England was kind enough to do a case study on our Natural & Local credentials you can view it here .

It’s been over 30 years, and we are as passionate now as the day we began.  Browse our flavours or find out about our talking vs datingorapps for hookup offering.