Scooping Ice Cream

The Complete Scooping Ice Cream Package

At Ronaldo Ice Cream, we can offer over 50 flavours of Ice Cream & Sorbets, made with high-quality local ingredients, at a fair price with a great margin potential.

Our own business started out with scooping wholesale ice cream, so we understand firsthand the demands of this market. We started making own ice cream because no wholesaler could provide us with the product we wanted to sell; a natural, premium ice cream from locally sourced ingredients.

All of our ice cream is made here in our Norwich based factory. We are fully Salsa Accredited and make most of our inclusions – that’s the cakes, caramels and cookies that go into our ice creams – from scratch. This means we can control everything that goes into our ice creams, and we can guarantee that each and every flavour will be utterly delicious.


Who’s doing scooping ice cream well?

Check out Ellie’s Sweet Shop in Sheringham. Ellie’s has been in operation for over 30 years, stocking Ronaldo Ice Cream for the tourists and locals of Sheringham on the beautiful North Norfolk coastline. Ellie’s has that winning combination of a great location, a great team and a great quality product to match.

Ellies scooping ice cream


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